Chloe returns to her childhood home after her aunt passes away to claim a cabin in the mountains that has been passed down through the family for generations. In fact, her ancestors were some of the founders of Carter Lake, Georgia. Leaving her big city life in Atlanta, Chloe hopes to finally pursue her life long dream of becoming a writer. With the secluded cabin as her base of operations, she's eager to start her new life. But she's rattled by some rumors in town that her cabin is haunted. The rumors are confirmed when she finds a beautifully hand written note critiquing her latest novel in progress. Thinking that this is an intruder, she takes extra measures to secure her home. But the letters keep coming. Under the impression that her secret correspondent is a ghost, she does a little research and finds out a man by the name of Gavin lived in the cabin before her family, and possibly built the original structure. One night, after taking a bad tumble outside of her cabin, she meets Gavin in person. But he is anything but a ghost.

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