The Princess and Her Rogue

The favorite daughter of King Malcolm, Kiara has lived a charmed life in the safe castle of her father in the capital city of Aleph. Even though she is beloved for her charity, kindness and unyielding generosity, she dreams of adventure in far away lands. But her father has other plans for her as she becomes betrothed to a knight in her father's court. She feels trapped by this new unexpected future with a man she does not know, nor love. But, her life is forever changed when she is kidnapped from her chambers by hired mercenaries of her father's most hated enemy known as the Deceiver. Terrified and alone, she is carted beyond the borders of her her father's kingdom towards her death. Little does she know, an unexpected friend is lurking in the shadows of the trees. When the moment is right, this rogue rescues her from her captors to bring her safely home. Along the way, they experience adventures, dangers and discover things about each other and themselves that will change their lives forever.

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