The Enigma (The Loup-Garou Series Book 1)

After spending months lost in an emotional fog, teenager Katey McCoy was slipping to the end of her rope. An orphan since infancy with an abusive foster mother, she had little to live for besides her few good friends at school. That is, until she met Logan Keith. Katey came alive when she gazed into those striking blue eyes and found herself falling for this handsome stranger she met late at night in the middle of a graveyard.

But her world flipped upside down when she discovered that Logan was a werewolf. After the initial shock, Katey made up her mind to accept Logan and his pack, seeing things that few humans have been privileged to witness. But will their relationship crumble under the strain of their secret? Or will she accept his offer to join their pack and let their secret become hers?

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