Amber Ashes: Book II of the Decimus Trilogy

Candace wasn't expecting to find anything spectacular in the ruins of a Roman villa in Pompeii. But as she brushed away the ash from the mysterious fibula with a carved image of a wolf in its stone, she realizes that she may have stumbled onto something more than just a priceless artifact. Howard has arrived at Pompeii, after an embarrassing departure from Rome and the lovely Marina, in search of his ancient ancestor. Led there by an old politician's account of his ancestor, he scours the ruins for any hint that may point him to the conclusion to his quest. But he won't be able to find anything if he doesn't stop day dreaming about those dark Italian eyes.

While in his indefinite retirement from his former career as a gladiator, Decimus Roscius Lupus makes a comfortable living for himself as a wine merchant in the city of Pompeii. His faithful servant, Titus, is the only one aware of his ancestral curse as a half man, half beast. Not even his beloved slave, Arria, is aware of his condition. One fateful day in August of 79 AD, an earthquake strikes the fair city. Many are unconcerned, knowing the city is often plagued by these forces of nature. But Decimus feels the panic of his inner beast and knows that something much more terrible is to looming on the horizon. With the safety of his household and the love of his life at stake, he has to make the decision to flee with them or stay and face the chaos that is to come.

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